You’ve reached a wall.  You’re facing tough decisions but can’t even decide how to decide!

Morgan Law, PLLC offers a wide range of facilitation and consultation packages from team-building workshops to longer strategic planning retreats.  Whether your business is facing morale problems or your nonprofit needs to focus on its mission, an objective outsider can assist with moving forward.  We can fit the program to your specific needs and budget and provide that crucial element of follow-up.

Bill Morgan has served on several nonprofit boards, leading some as president or on the strategic planning committee.  He ran a successful nonprofit community theatre for several years.

Services include:

  • Pre-retreat worksheets and surveys
  • Advance retreat planning with key players in the organization
  • Brainstorming training and exercises
  • Training in active listening techniques
  • Creative negotiation and decision-making tools to move your organization forward
  • Personal observation of a board meeting to diagnose issues
  • Role playing games for team building, problem solving, goal setting, and issue identification
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis
  • Legal assistance with nonprofit and corporate governance issues
  • Board leadership training, including training in Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Mediation of internal disputes
  • Crucial followup service to keep your board or business on track with decisions made at the retreat

Rates starting at $50.00/hour for facilitation services


“Bill did a great job of keeping a talkative bunch on track”

“I think the facilitator was excellent.  You could tell he enjoyed his work!”

“This was a great start in a process that is long overdue”



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