Tap Dancing Lawyers Reunite in “Spamalot”


HCT’s Spamalot Features Tap Dancing Lawyers On Sept. 13

Hickory – When “Spamalot” takes the Jeffers stage at the Hickory Community Theatre, it features the reunion of two actors dubbed the “tap dancing lawyers” for their roles in “Singin’ in the Rain” in 2006. David Hood and William E. Morgan played, respectively, Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown in the musical hit.

Morgan was brand new to Hickory, having relocated here to work at the law firm of Patrick, Harper and Dixon, where Hood is a partner. The actor originally cast as Cosmo had to leave the production unexpectedly, so Hood invited Morgan to meet Artistic Director, Pamela Livingstone who then asked Morgan to take the role.

Since the 2006 production, both have been very active at the Theatre. In the 2011-12 Season, Hood played Phil Davis in “White Christmas” and Morgan was Jerry Lukowski in “The Full Monty.” The two have remained friends as Morgan branched out into his own law practice but this season’s production of “Spamalot” is the first time the two have been on stage together in seven years.

“My first contact with Bill was as a performer, not as a fellow attorney” said Hood. “I was amazed then, as now, by his stage presence and creative abilities.

It is extremely gratifying to share the stage with him again, now that he also become, to me, a respected colleague and treasured friend.”

Morgan commented, “I started rehearsals for ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ with Hood the week before I actually moved here to work with him. “I’m very happy to finally be back on stage with David, a friend and legal mentor–with whom I do so like to argue.”

“Spamalot” is the stage musical version of the comedy film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Performances are September 13 through October 6.

For further information, call the Theatre at (828) 327-3855 or visit www.hickorytheatre.org.

HCT is a Funded Affiliate of the United Arts Council of Catawba County.

Photo: David Hood (left) and William E. Morgan reunite on stage in “Spamalot”, opening September 13 at the Hickory Community Theatre. For further information, call the Theatre at (828) 327-3855 or click www.hickorytheatre.org.

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