Happy Fourth FAQ

From the NC DOL FAQ (can I add some more acronyms?)

Doesn’t my employer have to pay me time and one-half if I work on a holiday or on the weekend?
No. Unless your employer has promised to pay you extra for working on a holiday or on the weekend, your employer only has to pay you for the total hours you actually worked in the workweek regardless of what day or days you worked. Your employer has to pay you at least the minimum wage or your promised rate of pay (whichever is greater) for all of the hours you work, and your employer must pay you time and one-half overtime pay based on your regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek unless you are exempt for a specific reason.
What are the legal holidays that my employer has to observe?
None. There is no such thing as required legal holidays that employers have to observe. It is entirely up to your employer to give holiday time off with or without pay, or not to give any time off for holidays at all. However, once your employer does promise to give holiday pay, your employer must put its holiday policy in writing and make it available to its employees as it should with all wage benefit promises. Also, it is entirely up to your employer to decide which holidays it wants to observe if any at all.


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