Checking In

It’s been awhile since my last post, but here are some things that I have gone on:

  • I was one of the instructors in a seminar in Charlotte on Landlord/Tenant law.  One of the main points of my talk was that (perhaps unfortunately) it doesn’t pay the landlord to be “nice” in sending notice that he/she is exercising a right under the lease.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say instead that it DOES pay to be clear and direct.
  • Defended successfully a summary judgment motion in what is an unfortunate family dispute.  Litigation almost always has an emotional component–just more so when families are involved.
  • Successful trial in a dispute involving now former friends.  See my previous note.  “Avoid litigation…”
  • Attended an informative session for the Burke County United Way on behalf of ALFA.  A friendly reminder:  I am available to provide legal advice for nonprofit organizations and to serve as an outside neutral facilitator for legal planning.  I served as facilitator for the Hickory Community Theatre’s recent strategic planning retreat.
  • Attended the Women’s Resource Center annual gala.  A very beneficial organization to the community.

Also, baseball season has begun, we’re losing another Supreme Court Justice, and I am in rehearsal for “Leading Ladies” at the Hickory Community Theatre.  Perhaps I can come up with some legal tie-in to the production, but it will be a stretch.


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