Opening Day

After the holiday season, Morgan Law, PLLC has opened up for service.  Just like the start of baseball season, hope springs eternal.

Thanks to current clients, I’ve received referrals already.  I’ll be setting up a small business later on in the week, and before that litigating a possible short trial tomorrow in Caldwell County.


An interesting article in yesterday’s New York Times that warrants some discussion.  Arizona, the first state that instituted traffic cameras to catch speeders, is now considering taking the cameras out.  Remember when these were first installed?  There were discussions about privacy concerns and “Big Brother” knowing where we are.  Listen, if he didn’t know already, Big Bro has tabs on us through our GPS in our phone/mp3/pda/blackberry/iPhone/netbook/Onstar and all of the web sites we blithely give our e-mail address to (not to mention our social security number).

Enough black helicopter talk–it seems that Arizona is mostly concerned about…wait for it…budgetary shortfalls.  It seems that the camera cops aren’t bringing in the fines as the state had hoped.  One major problem is SERVICE.  It’s easy to prove service when the highway patrolmen pulls you over and actually hands you the ticket.  It’s a bit tougher when the camera reads your license plate (or is it yours?) and a computer drafts a form letter and ticket and it’s mailed out to your last known address.  So, as adaptive creatures, the citizens of Arizona discovered that it pays to not even show up and contest the ticket and force the state either to prove service or use another method to get the ticket properly served.

Needless to say, this reaction from the good citizens has stirred up the camera controversy once again.  Even the company that makes the cameras isn’t making enough money.

But wasn’t this all about catching bad guys in the first place?  Surely the cameras are cheaper that the human forces that would be required to generate as many tickets.  And if only a few pay, and even more slow down when they see the cameras, isn’t the state deterring the evil speeders from their rubber burning ways?  Perhaps it isn’t about the speeding after all.

I’d love to hear your comments about the traffic cameras, or anything else!

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1 Response to “Opening Day”

  1. 1 Ed
    January 4, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Sounds like the office is up and running. Looks like the Arizona thing is all about the money to me!

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