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It’s one thing to be called for jury duty and told that you may miss work for several days (or weeks if it’s a medical malpractice case).  You won’t get paid much at all, you’ll spend most of your time around eleven strangers, and you’ll listen to the exciting oratory of the great litigators in the courtroom.  But live without your cellphone?  Go a full 9 to 5 without tweeting, blogging, surfing, friending, digging, stumbling upon, or simply texting?

One of the top ten stories in last week’s Time magazine tells of some reactions to the abundance of personal electronic devices in the courtroom and even the Lord Chief Justice (not the one I met when studying abroad in London) weighs in on the changing courtroom environment.

Judges routinely tell jurors not to “research” the case online.  But what if they get a text message while in the jury room deliberating that says “R U on jury for Smith case?  OMG, IMHO he did it.  C this tweet.”  Tainted by Tweeting?

Here’s the Time magazine story

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